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Terms and Conditions


1. Booking dates and times cannot be changed, or altered by you (the client), once the booking has been confirmed and any deposit has been paid.

 2. Booking deposits are not related to any booking in its entirety. Each booking deposit is a collection a “service deposits” associated with each individual service within any booking. These service deposits make up a total booking deposit, and in the event of any refund, will only be refunded as per the service deposit amount associated with the refund.

 3. In the event that you (the client) cannot be contacted on the mobile phone number, or the alternative mobile phone number provided to Sydney Topless Waitresses (at the time of making a booking), after no more than 30 minutes of the booking service commencement time, and access to the booking venue has restricted entry in which the waitresses are unable to freely enter the venue, the service in question may be cancelled and the service deposit relating to that service within the booking will be forfeited.

 4. In the event that you (the client) cancel a booking, or service within any booking, or require any alterations to a booking, or service within any booking, the booking deposit or service deposit will be forfeited and is NON REFUNDABLE.

 5. In the event that one or more sub-contracting waitress/waitresses are forced to cancel a booking or service within any booking (where no suitable or acceptable replacement can be found), Sydney Topless Waitresses will REFUND IN FULL any booking deposit or service deposit associated with a particular service within any booking, unless the booking or service within any booking conflicts with the terms and conditions of the booking.

6. No cameras are permitted during the Sydney Topless Waitresses services. If you wish to photograph the waitress before or after the service, the decision is at the waitress/waitresses discretion ONLY.

 7. All guests must behave in a respectful manner towards the waitress/waitresses at all times. If the waitress/waitresses is harassed, degraded, insulted, pressured, intimidated, made to feel uncomfortable or assaulted, the service will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.

 8. Do not ask our waitress/waitresses for their private phone numbers or request any sexual services at ANY TIME. Any sexual request, intimidation or advance towards the waitress/waitresses will result in the performance being cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.

 9. If the waitress/waitresses is placed into an environment which could be considered by anyone of reasonable stature to be sexually, physically, or mentally intimidating or threatening by any person, group, or guest of any person or group associated with the booking, the service will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY WITH NO REFUND.

 10. Touching is at the discretion of the waitress/waitresses ONLY. Beware of, and be respectful of the waitress/waitresses boundaries and do not ‘test’ or ‘overstep’ these boundaries.

 11. If the waitress/waitresses decides (based on the environment, guests and situation at the time) not to commence the job on the night for any reason, payment to the waitress is not required, and all monies received by Sugar Street Strippers (not the performer) will be refunded in full. However, once any payment has been made to the performer, and the booking is deemed to have commenced, If ANY of the above rules are broken, at ANY TIME, the performance may be cancelled WITHOUT REFUND at the performers’ discretion.

 12. Sydney Topless Waitresses does not claim any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury caused by any sub-contractor provided to the client. Any legal matter is solely between client & sub-contractor.

 13. If you are unhappy with the service that the waitress/waitresses has provided you must address this issue on the night of the service, before the waitress/waitresses leaves the venue. Sydney Topless Waitresses is a booking agent only, and all bookings, payments and agreements are made between the client and the sub-contracting waitress/waitresses and not with Sydney Topless Waitresses.

 14. Upon payment of any Deposit to Sydney Topless Waitresses, or upon payment of any monies to the waitress/waitresses, you the client, and any guest of the client are deemed to have accepted and agreed to the rules above.

 15. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you (the client) authorized to use any images or content from any Sydney Topless Waitresses owned website, or make any claims on behalf of Sydney Topless Waitresses, or their sub-contractors, in any promotional material whatsoever without the written consent of the Managing Director. Any unauthorized Images, content or claims made by you (the client) will result in the CANCELLATION OF ALL BOOKING SERVICES WITH NO REFUND.

16. If your event is located outside the Sydney CBD and local surrounding areas and travel is required from our waitress/waitresses to get to your event, a travel allowance per girl will be requested. All travel is calculated from Sydney CBD.

17. Please be advised that Sydney Topless Waitresses cannot guarantee that your selected waitress/waitresses will be available for your event. We will advise you (the client) and a suitable replacement will be organised.

18. Clients are advised that models are not to be touched inappropriately or photographed without prior consent.  If you (the client) or your guest are found to be doing so then the models are entitled to leave the job immediately and no refund with be provided.

19. AH Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as Sydney Topless Waitresses (STW) takes no responsibility for the behaviour and actions any of its models.   All models are classified as sub-contractors and not directly employed by STW. Models should have their own personal insurances if any accidents or incidents should occur.  All models are to be paid prior to commencement of work.  If models are later than 15 minutes from agreed start time, please contact STW.  Models will make up time lost due to delayed start time.  STW must be advised of all booking extensions and upgrades between models and client.

 Thanks and enjoy!

Sydney Topless Waitresses