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Want to end your evening with a BIG BANG!? Book yourself one of our hot show girls below and treat you and your friends to an unforgettable performance that will keep you on the ends of your seats.  Sydney Topless Waitresses offers a variety of shows from a selection of girls.  From an R rated show to a tanterlising duo lesbian show, we have it all.  Check out our shows page here for more information about what shows we have available to keep you entertained.

Below are all the available show girls that Sydney Topless Waitresses has available throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong. 

Our show girls provide you with the hottest entertainment, whether you’re planning your next bucks night adventure or big birthday bash. Our naughty girls are ready to offer you Australia’s best live nude shows!

Our girls are excited to provide entertainment for all tastes. If you are looking for action, the R Rated show is the perfect crowd-pleaser. The show girl will give the lucky boys a sexy dance whilst slowly stripping to her music and putting on a show. The boys will not know what to do with themselves as the girl takes off her clothing piece by piece!

Feeling dirty? Our Bubble Bath show is perfect to watch a naughty girl get very wet. On this show, our sexy girl will put on her show in front of the boys while getting into a bubble bath and giving herself a very good clean. If you are good enough you may be allowed to lend our show girl hand and get into the places she simply can’t do alone.

Considered the best adult entertainment in Sydney, the spot spot double will blow your mind! Why have 1 show with 1 show girl when you can have 3 shows with 2 show girls? Each show girl performs her own individual sexy “R” rated routine before they both come together and give you a very naughty final performance that will leave you wanting it all over again. This complete performance lasts longer than the other shows and you not only get to see the girls strip once but twice!

Need a little extra to make your dirtiest wishes come true? Our Show girls in Sydney are ready to give you that! Our vibe vibe double is two single “X” rated shows and then a spectacular “X” rated show with our girls together. That’s right! Too lots of toys to play with, two girls to watch play with these toys and a joint show at the end where they play with each other.

Unsure if the girls(s) you want covers the area where you next party is, click here to find out. 

All our girls are experienced entertainer and will make your party, function or event a memorable one! 

If you want to get to know our girls better, jump onto their profile below and click on the girls name of who you like the look of!  This will take you through to the individual models profile where you can learn more out the girl(s) you like.  You will see all of their stats and information, 4 more sexy images of them and a short, flirty and fun bio describing themselves to get you in the mood for the party.