Luis - 11 August 2018

“Just wanted to say thank you Charlie.  We had a good time with Jordyn on Saturday and she was the perfect lady. Thank you again.”

Julian - 11 August 2018

“For a party of discerning gentleman looking to be hosted by an elegant group of girls who are not only are physically stunning but a genuinely gracious and intelligent conversationalists.  Charlie as the boss oversaw that the night was gloriously memorable.  Thank you very much.”  

Eddie - 27 July 2018

“On behalf of the buck and the guys, thank you Charlie.  Please also send my thanks to the ladies for their time and services.  It was a bucks night to remember for sure.”

Patrick - 25 March 2019

“Last minute booking for a Sunday session with a few mates.  Charlie was able to sort out Lexi and Scarlet for us.  Girls were really cool and great fun.  Very prompt service from Sydney Topless Waitresses.”

Elliot – 24 March 2019

“Hi Charlie, just wanted to let you know that Bella and Anastasia were great girls for our boys poker night.  Anastasia is a fantastic card dealer and extended us in her skills and knowledge.  Very good work.”

Savvi – 24 March 2019

“We booked Amba and Tammy for a last minute boat party up near Brooklyn Wharf.  The girls were great and the guys really enjoyed themselves.  Thank you so much Charlie.”

Joel – 17 March 2019

“Charlie, just wanted to let you know that Marley and Sash were great fun.  Marley was a good poker dealer and Sash kept the boys topped up with drinks all night.  Everyone has a lot of fun.  Thank you for organising.”

Jose – 11 August 2018

“Hey Charlie, just wanted to say thanks to Carmen and Kyla for Saturday.  We had a great night and the boys were very happy with the evening.”

Steve – 24 March 2019

“Brandy has the best customer service skills, dominatrix and show skills ever.  Out of all the girls we hired, I would rebook her for all of the above reasons.  Great work Charlie!”

Ben – 24 March 2019

“Thank you for organising Stella and Ivy.  The girls were great.  Stella is a natural with a fat butt that made her very popular with the boys  All in all a great job and would recommend to friends.”

Sama – 24 March 2019

“Thank you for organising last night.  Both girls were great throughout the entire night and were comfortable working nude around male and female guests.  Would certianly be using your services again.  Thanks Charlie.”

Robert – 16 March 2019

“We booked Stacey and Lexi through Sydney Topless Waitresses for a bucks night in Sydney City.  The girls were great fun to have around and kept us entertained all night.  We had a great night .”

Tom - 25 February 2019

“We hired Mia as a last minute booking in Nelson Bay as our other agency booking cancelled on us on short notice.  Charlie was able to find a replacement quickly and easily.  Mia was fantastic and everyone enjoyed themselves.” 

Ramon – 26 January 2019

“Fae is AMAZING.  Beautiful, chatty, knows how to read the guys.  She’s was surround by 6 guys at one stage keeping them all engaged and smiling.  Camilla is wonderful too.  Beautiful, smart and fantastic conversation.  Thank you Charlie.”