Height: 183cm

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour:  Blue/Green

If there was ever anyone you wanted to be your Mr Grey then Leigh is the man for the job. Leigh is the whole package when it comes to delivering the goods at your events. With his stunning eyes, immaculate hair, banging torso and we haven’t even started talking about the package that can be delivered during his shows.. Leigh is such a charmer and will leave any guests weak at the knees so make sure you book him for your next event and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Available Services:

Waitering: Dressed, Topless, G String, Cheeky (apron no pants) and Nude

Shows: G String, Nude

Show Themes: Fireman, Business Gentlemen , Navy Captain, Pilot 

Life Drawing: G String, Nude (material can be supplied for an additional fee)

Leigh 4
Leigh 1
Leigh 3